EYESBERG - Masquerade

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EYESBERG are back with their second album, a new guest drummer and  a lot of Genesis taste. They wanted the best and they got the best: Jimmy Keegan of Spock's Beard is featured on the entire record. Another guest, playing percussion, is the "Boss", label owner Oliver Wenzler. Now, that's a sensational release!


1. Joke On You 5:17 2. Come And Take A Look At My Life 6:32 3. Faceless 5:12 4. Here And Now 4:38 5. Storm Flood 6:05 6. Steal Your Thunder 5:21 07. Wait And See 18:01 (I. Overture II. The Beginning Of The End III. Talking To Father Time IV. I Told You So V. The Last Demise)



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