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MADRIGAL - On My Hands ...

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Studio Album, released in 1996

This American Progressive rock band, MADRIGAL, was born in the late Eighties. It is not to be confused with its French namesake of the following decade. Always keen on a complex writing, the musicians have a strong taste for complicated melodies ornamented by guitar arpeggios evoking GENTLE GIANT. With regard to the latter, they perform a very elaborate voices polyphony (Singing to the unison, counterpoint...) and a constant research in instrumental schemes. The vocals also evokes KANSAS and the numerous breaks and arrangements reminds of YES. The appeal to flute, saxophon and trompet contributes to diversify and enrich the sonic palette, the schemes and the orchestration themes. This realisation is ornamented by the presence of numerous guests, who make this record captivating. "On My Hands..." was recorded before the band split.

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Shout (5:53)
2. Living On the Edge (5:01)
3. Old World Charms (4:30)
4. Showdown (3:06)
5. Castings (5:38)
6. Survivors (4:01)
7. On My Hands (7:29)
8. The Stumbler (5:18)

Line-up / Musicians - Kevin Dodson / drums, percussion, vocals

- Stephen Dornbirer / guitar
- Michael Rosenthal / keyboards, vocals
- Steve Springer / bass, vocals
- Chuck Swanson / saxophone, flute, horn, vocals



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