DEATON LEMAY PROJECT - The Fifth Element ( Ltd. European Edition + Bonus)

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Studio Album, release 17 Oktober 2022

Limited EU Edition (250 copies) + Bonus Track.+ Flyer

In our mission to find amazing prog bands in the outer limits and introduce them to Europe, PPR proudly presents the DEATON LEMAY PROJECT from Texas, USA. The States are big, so it needs some bombast in the sound to fill the space. And there are plenty of musicians, so you need some skill to stand out. And a lot of cultures gather, so you need some harmonic melodies and vocal lines to appeal to all of them. D.L.P. offers all of the above!

Roby Deaton, keyboard-player from the same lunacy class as Vincent Crane, Keith Emerson or Jordan Rudess founded the Project with drummer Craig LeMay, who feels just as comfortable with Prog- as with Power-Metal. He sounds like a mix of Peart, Palmer and early Genesis Phil Collins. It's easy to overwhelm the guests on their newest album "The Fifth Element", the first to be released in Europe. But two guitar players bring a nice balance to the powerful keyboard sound. Iranian Singer Hadi Kiani is a real find, with a crystal clear voice, reminiscent of a young Dennis De Young. Musically the album ranges from uptempo Prog-Metal songs to AOR with an attitude, sometimes interwoven by Piano interludes.

Fans of Dream Theater will surely love the DEATON LEMAY PROJECT. Fans of Symphony X or early Styx too. Even the epic grandiosity of early Kansas will be found on "The Fifth Element". The limited European version, released by PPR, will feature a bonus track which was not on the US pressing.

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. The Great Awakening (5:32)
2. A Different Place in Time (7:24)
3. Dragonfly (3:35)
4. The Nightmare (4:28)
5. Exordium (6:24)
- Elements of Life Suite:
6. Overture (4:43)
7. Fire (6:10)
8. Water (6:11)
9. Air (4:19)
10. Earth (6:53)
11. Music (7:25)

Bonus Track only EU Edition

12. Voice Of Freedom (6:57)

Line-up / Musicians

- Roby Deaton / keyboards, acoustic guitars, vocals (9)
- Craig LeMay / drums & percussion

- Hadi Kiani / vocals
- Ehsan Imani / guitars (1,5,6,8,11)
- Josh Mark Raj / guitars (1-4,7,8,10,11)
- John Haddad / bass (1,3-5,7,8,10)
- Charles Berthoud / bass (2,6,11)
- Liza Evans / violin (9)





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