T (Thomas Thielen) - Epistrophobia

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EPISTROPHOBIA takes off where Fragmentropy landed: Chapters 4 to 6 are offered here. t dives in even deeper into the abysses and fears of the individual admidst populism, neocapitalism, digital anonymity... in a nutshell: in modern life. This album sounds like a synopsis of all t albums so far and surely is his most balanced and most melodic approach so far – which doesn’t mean that the manifold versality for which t has always been known or the sparkling affluence of ideas has ceased just one bit. Certainly his best work so far!


CHAPTER FOUR: A POET’S DOWNFALL: 1. In Abeyance  2. The Dark Beyond Our Fears CHAPTER FIVE: CONTINGENCIES: 3. What If 4. What If Not 5. Forgiven CHAPTER SIX: THE PLACE BEYOND THE SKIES 6. A Mask Behind A Mask 7. Epistrophe


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