MATTHEW PARMENTER - All Our Yesterdays

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Studio Album, released in 2016

This 2016 album was a long time coming, as Matthew's last solo album 'Horror Express' came out in 2008, but good things come to those who wait. This is the first of the three to feature Matthew on the cover and he is shown with the make-up he normally wears with Discipline. This isn't the only Discipline reference, as he is joined on this album by bandmate Paul Dzendel who provides drums on four of the songs, while Matthew provides everything else. If there is just one word that captures this album, it must be 'maturity', as here is an artist comfortable in his craft who is just going to let the music speak for itself. His vocals are reminiscent of Peter Hammill combined with Geoff Mann and Robert Wyatt, and musically this feels quite tied to the early Seventies with Wyatt, VDGG, Procol Harum and the Canterbury scene obviously having a major impact.

This is mostly based around piano and vocals, with additional instruments used as necessary, and a special mention must be made of the overall sound and production, as it captures the power and dramatic passion effortlessly. I firmly believe that Discipline are one of the most important bands to come out of the American prog scene, and that they have never really been afforded the acclaim they deserve, and the same is very true of their leader as while there are a select few who know of his brilliance, it should be far more widely recognised.

Some albums leave one feeling that there is something missing, something that could and should have been added, like having a Chinese meal and then wanting a burger a short while later. That is not the case here, as this album is so full of musical sustenance that when it ends the listener needs a break, a space before going back to investigate further. It is a feast, a banquet for the musical soul, with passion and emotion contained in a few notes and chords, and vocals that are breaking. Let's hope we don't have to wait quite so long for the next one.

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Scheherazade (3:40)
2. Danse Du Ventre (2:48)
3. Digital (3:39)
4. I Am A Shadow (3:51)
5. All For Nothing (5:08)
6. All Our Yesterdays (4:12)
7. Stuff In The Bag (5:34)
8. Inside (5:44)
9. Consumption (1:59)
10. Hey For The Dance (5:01)

Line-up / Musicians

- Matthew Parmenter / vocals, performer, producer

- Paul Dzendzel / drums (1,5,7,10)

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