SANGUINE HUM - Now We Have Power

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Studio Album, released in 2018

Steven Wilson has obviously been a major influence on the band, but less with his solo albums but more with Porcupine Tree and (especially) no-man, while there are times when Tangerine Dream come into play, as well as Big Big Train. Interestingly, they are classified by ProgArchives as a neo-prog outfit, but if I was going to shoehorn them into a sub-genre then I would move more towards Crossover as there are strong pop elements in their music. It is such an easy album to listen to, while never falling into the trap of being easy listening, and there is a great deal going on from all involved, even though it may come across as simplistic at times. A trumpet is brought in on a couple of numbers, to add additional depth, and overall this is a sheer delight from beginning to end. There is a high use of piano underpinning the sound, while guitar is rocked sparingly and the ear is drawn towards the vocals at all times. An album of real songs, this is both fresh and refreshing, something to relax with at the end of the day.


Songs / Tracks Listing

1. The View Part 1 (4:15)
2. The View Part 2 (5:29)
3. Skydive (5:44)
4. Retreat (0:34)
5. Speak To Us (5:39)
6. Devachan Don (7:22)
7. Pen! Paper! Paper! Pen! (1:47)
8. Flying Bridge (1:34)
9. Bedhead (5:49)
10. Quiet Rejoicing (4:36)
11. Speech Day (4:35)
12. A Tall Tale (4:32)
13. Flight Of The Uberloon (4:47)
14. Swansong (5:29)

Line-up / Musicians

- Joff Winks / vocals, electric & acoustic guitars, synths, Fx
- Matt Baber / pianos, organ, synths, guitar, Fx
- Brad Waissman / bass, Chapman stick, double bass

- Kimara Sajn / vocals (11)
- Mark Kesel / trumpet (9,13)
- Paul Mallyon / drums



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