LEE ABRAHAM - Harmony/Synchronicity

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Studio Album, released in 2020

The album was written and recorded during an intense 8 week period during the UK pandemic lockdown between April and early June 2020, and follows less than a year after Lee’s critically acclaimed album ‘Comatose’. Lee is joined as ever by musical partner Gerald Mulligan (Credo) on drums and a host of familiar vocalists. Lee explains: “While calling on some of my trusted usual names to help me realise the album, Marc Atkinson (Riversea, Moon Halo) and Simon Godfrey (Shineback, Valdez, Tinyfish), I also reached out to Peter Jones (Tiger Moth Tales, Camel) whose voice is totally suited to one of the songs in particular (the late 80s/early 90s Genesis influenced ‘Stay’)”. “Following his excellent work on the gospel choir from my last album Comatose I had to ask Mark Spencer, my Galahad mate, to take part and sing some lead vocals. Mark has a real confident delivery that many people will know from his association with the legendary Twelfth Night. Finally, asking Stu Nicholson, the voice of Galahad, was long overdue! Stu and I have a working relationship that goes back nearly 15 years, so when I asked him he replied “I thought you’d never ask!”


All the vocalists worked remotely on the album during the UK lockdown and sent their parts for inclusion. As you might expect the lyrics touch on themes associated with the world-wide pandemic, the media reaction and public opinion of political and society behaviour (The World Is Falling Down, Rise Again, Hearing The Call), remembering more comfortable times (Stay), while the title track explores the strange phenomenon of unrelated events occurring simultaneously. Lee handles all guitars, keys, pianos and bass guitars and all production duties. Artwork design has been undertaken by Robin Armstrong (Cosmograf).


Songs / Tracks Listing

1. The World Is Falling Down
2. Stay
3. Hearing the Call
4. Misguided (Pt. 2)
5. Never Say Never
6. Rise Again
7. Harmony/Synchronicity

Line-up / Musicians

- Lee Abraham / guitar, bass, keyboards, piano, production

- Gerald Mulligan / drums
- Mark Spencer / vocals
- Stu Nicholson / vocals
- Marc Atkinson / vocals
- Simon Godfrey / vocals
- Peter Jones / vocals



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