THE ANCESTRY PROGRAM - Of Silent Mammalia Part II

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Studio Album, release 14. Juli 2023

LIMITED 8 PAGES DIGIFILE CD with 16 pages booklet.

Already with their sophomore release, The Ancestry Program embarked on the quest to create their magnum opus, the first part of Mysticeti Ambassadors. The 2nd and final part ‘…Of Silent Mammalia’ was scheduled for release in Autumn 2022. But the enormous success, combined with increased ambition to create the best album possible in every aspect, from song writing, to arrangement, to production, made this deadline impossible to meet. To stand up to this challenge, the overall sound needed to be adjusted. The main band now consist of six members, adding another guitar. And a lot more instruments were included in the mix: Saxophone and horn section, violin and more strings… As a result, release date was pushed back, but now finally, more half a year later, the finished product will be available on July 14th!

The loose concept of the album follows the baleen whale from part 1, who realise it’s their task to save the planet, since no other species seems to be able - or willing - to do so. In between, there are songs dealing with various aspects of modern-day life. The story ends with a happy end, but ultimately, this will be left to the eye, or rather the ear, of the beholder to decide


Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Mysticeti Ambassadors ... (2:14)
2. Path Of Inspiration (7:09)
3. Pangreta's Box (7:31)
4. War Is Over (7:55)
5. Maria's Smile (8:46)
6. Ancestors (7:35)
7. Star To Follow (7:55)
8. Paranoid Structures (6:35)
9. Create Our Sins (6:10)
10. ... Of Silent Mammalia (3:55)


Line-up / Musicians

Andy Lind - Drums, Vocals
Mani Gruber - Guitar, Vocals
Mike Voglmeier - Guitar, Vocals
Ben Knabe - Lead Vocals, Lapsteel
Marco Osmajic - Bass Guitar
Thomas Burlefinger - Keyboards, Vocals



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