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Studio Album, Released 2022

With their 4th album ‘Amenti's Coin - Secret Place Pt.II’, CYRIL have taken up the concept of their long track "the secret place pt. I" from the second album "Paralyzed" and continued it in a rousing concept album. Guy Manning (Damanek, UPF) wrote the lyrics to the exciting story of Denis Strassburg. The band attached great importance to a musically and lyrically exciting implementation of the themes and characters. ‘Amenti’s coin’ again shows the core skills of the band - melodic prog / rock songs with an eye on great song-writing, providing a very own athmosphere. The album not only features the typical sound of the band, but again puts on a show for the fans, with great vocal ar-rangements and melodies. The record was mixed and mastered by Martin Schnella. Cover painting by Ally Mahoney

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. On Sacred Ground (5:24)
2. A Letter Home (3:46)
3. My Father's Answer (5:06)
4. Desert Crossing (6:25)
5. Caravan (6:01)
6. Amanti's Coin (3:19)
7. A New Shangri-La (6:40)
8. The Temptress (4:02)
9. Arrival (8:40)

Line-up / Musicians

Larry B. - vocals
Manuel Schmid -  vocals
Marek Arnold -  keyboards / sax / clarinet
Ralf Dietsch -  guitars / mandoline
Manuel Humpf - drums
Dennis Strassburg - bass guitar



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