CRYSTAL PALACE - Scattered Shards

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Studio Album, released in 2018

While the band has proven their wide spectrum of sound on previous albums, like "System Of Events" or "Dawn Of Eterni-ty", they tread new musical paths again on their new album "Scattered Shards". New sounds, powerful now but elegic and dreamy arrange-ments in the next moment, they make use of the whole dynam-ic range and ... every song tellls a story. The songs were enthusiastically received by the audience dur-ing the UK tour in 2017. Scattered Shards. Gathered in a box - long hidden - repressed - never forgotten. They are shards like fear, lifetime dreams, in-tensions, loss and hope. What will YOU find in your box ...?

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Inside The Box (5:25)
2. Scattered Shards (7:30)
3. Inside Your Dreams (6:56)
4. The Logic Of Fear (6:48)
5. Craving (5:22)
6. Collateral (6:24)
7. SICI (8:02)
8. Ouside The Box (4:03)

Line-up / Musicians

- Nils Conrad / guitars
- Frank Köhler / keyboards
- Jens Uwe Strutz / bass, vocals
- Tom Ronney / drums




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