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Last chance, we found 4 pieces ... . OUT OF PRINT !

Long awaited new concept album of Belgium finest Space prog rock band Quantum Fantay takes you on a 70 minute adventurous journey to different areas around planet earth. Combining etnic instruments and sounds with their well known mixture of prog, space, dub,trance rock will move, shiver and surprise every music lover. featuring guest appearances of members from Anima Mundi, Gracerooms, Neo Prophet, Strograss and many more. The 5th studio album is a milestone in their carreer. Pink Floyd had their Dark Side Of The Moon, Ozric Tentacles had their Erpland and now Quantum Fantay have their Terragaia.


1. Journey to earth 2. Azu kéné dékké leppé 3. Desert rush 4. Aargh 5. Instant karma 6. Chopsticks and gongs 7. Indigofera 8. Yah roste fooroap 9. Cowdians 10. Journey from earth



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