SEBAS HONING - Songs of Seas and Oceans/From Middle to East 2CD

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Doppelalbum von 2014 - First and second album by guitarist Sebas Honing (Equisa, 5150, Mr.&Mrs. Honey) together in a 8-page digisleeve. The music will appeal to fans of Van Halen, Riverside or Pink Floyd. The CD is fitted in a cardboard wallet incl. 4-page booklet


CD1 1. Intro, 2. Full Waves, 3. Aquarial, 4. The Big Wave, 5. Coral, 6. How Deep?, 7. Beauty on the Beach, 8. The Sea Life, 9. Entrance To Atlantis, 10 Under the Moon, 11. Outro CD2: 1. The Moon Decides, 2. Escape From Arabia, 3. Ode To The Sun, 4. Ramayana, 5. Perang Poepoetan (+ 3 hidden tracks)


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