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Studio Album + DVD, released in 2020

2020 initially promised to be a busy year for Pete Jones, with an album already recorded in January and various gig commitments with Tiger Moth Tales, Red Bazar, Francis Dunnery‘s It Bites and his usual pub & club gigs. But, Covid-19 put paid to a lot of plans, as it did for most musicians.


‘Still Alive’ is Jones‘s take on the lockdown situation, and will no doubt appeal to the mixed emotions felt by many of us throughout these difficult times. "This is not the album I had previously planned to put out, as I’d already recorded a collection of new songs at Fieldgate Studios in South Wales which, for various reasons beyond our control, is not ready for release yet. But like so many other things this year, this new album came out of the blue as a response to the times we now find ourselves in. There are different moods in the songs, inspired by my own alternating feelings. From visions of a doomed world and a growing tone of madness, to a desire to see the positives and the spirit of endurance and survival. Hopefully the message is ultimately an uplifting one and will resonate with others." (Pete)


We‘re also happy to announce that this release will include a new bonus DVD featuring the Tiger Moth Tales band, filmed live in front of an intimate audience at the fabulous Rockfield Studios in 2018 as part of ‘The Quite Room’ sessions.

Songs / Tracks Listing

CD - Still Alive (32:07)
1. Still Alive (5:06)
2. The Mighty Fallen (7:27)
3. Golden (5:58)
4. Lean Into Madness (2:56)
5. Whistle Along (7:21)
6. Still Alive (Reprise) (3:19)

DVD - A Visit to Rockfield (Live) (68:08)
7. Overture (4:20)
8. Don't Let Go, Feels Alright (11:43)
9. The Tears of Frigga (11:26)
10. Migration (3:04)
11. The Ballad of Longshanks John (6:43)
12. The Merry Vicar (7:32)
13. Tigers in the Butter (14:09)
14. A Visit to Chigwick (9:11)

Line-up / Musicians

- Peter Jones / vocals, keyboards, drum programming, guitar, whistle, percussion, composer & producer

- Andy Wilson / guitar
- Mick Wilson / bass, vocals
- Paul Comerie / drums



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