SPACE MIRRORS - The Obscure Side Of Art

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Studio Album, released in 2022

Psychedelic space metal band SPACE MIRRORS has been founded by multi-instrumentalists Alisa Coral (Russia) and Michael Blackman (Australia). Inspired by several prog bands coming from diverse genres they started to work together in 2002. Consequently cosmic themes were picked up decorated with a blend of ambient, industrial and metal space rock, partially similar to Hawkwind and Litmus.

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. The Highest Expression of Metaphysical Will (5:14)
2. The Obscure Side of Art (9:06)
3. Trip to Mars / Mars InSight (7:56)
4. Bronze City in the Dream Valley (8:31)
5. Beyond the Pluto (7:09)
6. Dark Jedi Is Dead (5:39)

Total Time 43:35

Line-up / Musicians

- Alisa Coral / keyboards & synthesizers, all guitars, flutes, electronic percussion, drums

- Gabriel Monticello / bass (3,6), upright bass (5), contrabass balalaika (2)
- Yael Kroy / piano (6)



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