PREHISTORIC ANIMALS - The Magical Mystery Machine (Chapter One)

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Studio Album, released in 2020

Empfehlung von Rock Live Radio Aloys. Die Entdeckung auf dem Art Rock Festival in Reichenbach.


Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Floodgate (7:30)
2. The Magical Mystery Machine (7:43)
3. No Mortal Girl Has Ever Seen the Light Inside (6:53)
4. A Good Start (1:39)
5. What a Lucky Day! (6:06)
6. First We'll Go to Mars (6:03)
7. Into Battle (Like My Father) (10:03)

Line-up / Musicians

- Samuel Granath / drums, keyboards
- Stefan Altzar / vocals, guitars, keyboards
- Daniel Magdic / guitars, vocals
- Noah Magnusson / bass




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