AUDIOCRACY - Revolution's Son

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Studio Album, released in 2008

Audiocracy is a "collective" of musicians pooling their talents to create a greater whole. The collective is lead by the massive keyboards of band founder Tobin Mueller, a Wisconsin- based composer and theatre producer, and the 5-string bass and soaring vocals from TwØn from New York City. Joining them is Bob Piper on guitars from the band Pleaides, Darren Chapman on electric guitars who performed with the group Out of the Blue in the early 1990s, Rob Thurman on drums from the band Real Eyes (He also has an all original progressive rock band Navigator), and Tadashi Togawa on electric & acoustic guitars.

Revolution's Son comes across as a symphonic whirlwind of passion and sensations following a young man's post-apocalyptic journey. With their tight, gorgeous arrangements, the songs used every hertz of my sound system with organ, mellotron, heavy bass and percussion. Vocals are akin to David Sylvian, Fish, and even David Bowie at times. The overdubbed vocal arrangements stray into early Echolyn's territory and eventually maintain the forefront of each song, wringing emotional nuances and strong character from each track. The album flows from idea to idea like birds winging from tree to tree. I predict you will return to this album time and time again, gaining new insights and following along as I did to its emotional highs and lows.


Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Part I - The Dream: Revolution's Son (6:43)
2. Part II - The Hope: Puzzle City (3:17)
3. Part III - The Underground: Escape Into the Fray Zone (10:47)
4. Part IV - The Confrontation: Speak Truth to Power (4:29)
5. Part V - The Extinction: Gethsemane Again (5:28)
6. Part VI - The Survivors: When the Future Comes (8:01)
7. Part VII - The Re-Emergence: Dare to Sing (6:58)


Line-up / Musicians

- Tobin Mueller / synths, piano, percussion, vocals
- Twön / vocals, bass, acoustic guitar
- Bob Piper / guitars
- Darren Chapman / guitars
- Rob Thurman / drums
- Tadashi Togawa / guitars



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