IN CONTINUUM - Acceleration Theory Part Two - Annihilation

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Studio Album, released in 2019

IN CONTINUUM was born from the ashes of SOUND OF CONTACT, following the departure of a large part of its members. He goes through Dave Kerzner his second album that year, always on the history of alien attack, with a love story between two entities of both worlds, upsetting the end of the programmed destruction earth, but feel free to read the review of "part one" of the new year for not getting lost in this locker history and / or rebound. The sound always pulls reminiscent of GENESIS, PINK FLOYD and YES to some rendering SF Symphony; tapped out of the 70's and 80's starting with prestigious guests from the ROTHERY STEVE BAND, BIG BIG TRAIN and The Aristocrats, PORCUPINE TREE, SAGA and Dave Kerzner; the songs also come from the writings of Simon Collins, Matt DORSEY playing on SOUND OF CONTACT; share beautiful course given to synths for rendering of atmosphere and causing his current well in the crossover line.



Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Impending Annihilation (2:52)
2. You Don't Know How it Feels (6:05)
3. The Path (4:02)
4. In Her Cocoon (1:32)
5. AlienA Pt.2 (2:22)
6. Vampires of the Soul (4:25)
7. Made of Stars (2:58)
8. Know That You Are (8:31)
9. The War Room (1:50)
10. All That Is (3:35)
11. Annihilation (20:48)
12. Interstellar Reunion (4:36)


Line-up / Musicians

- Gabriel Agudo / vocals
- Randy McStine / guitar
- Dave Kerzner / keyboards, vocals, production & mixing
- Matt Dorsey / bass, guitar
- Marco Minnemann / drums

- Leticia Wolf / lead vocals
- Jon Davison / lead vocals (7,10)
- Michael Sadler / lead vocals (2)
- John Wesley / guitar
- Fernando Perdomo / guitar, bass, drums
- Nick D'Virgilio / drums
- Ruti Celli / cello
- Kaitlin Wolfberg / violin
- Joe Deninzon / violin




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