RED SAND - Crush The Seed

RED SAND - Crush The Seed

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Studio Album, released in 2020

Neues der Kanadier um Simon Caron. Für Fans der frühen Marillion, Pendragon, Arena, Clepsydra oder Shadowland.


Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Crush the Seed (Part 1)
2. Were They Born Like That?
3. Crush the Seed (Part 2)
4. Human Claim
5. Crush the Seed (Part 3)
6. Fight for Us*
7. Woman
8. Dust and Hope* (Bonus Track)

*Not on Vinyl

Line-up / Musicians

- Simon Caron / guitars
- André Godbout / bass
- Jean Benoit Lemire / piano and keyboard
- Perry Angelillo / drums
- Steff Dorval / vocals



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