NORTH SEA RADIO ORCHESTRA - Folly Bololey Ltd. Edition

NORTH SEA RADIO ORCHESTRA - Folly Bololey Ltd. Edition

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Album von 2019. Limited Edition - Songs From Robert Wyatt's Rock Bottom - Recorded Live at Conservatorio Nicolini in Piacenza, Italy

Critically acclaimed as one of the best records ever, 1974 Robert Wyatt’s masterpiece has been re-arranged by Craig Fortnam for his amazing North Sea Radio Orchestra. Featuring long time Wyatt’s collaborator and Henry Cow founder John Greaves on bass guitar and vocals and the amazing vocalist Annie Barbazza as lead singer: this is a hearfelt, fantastic tribute to Robert Wyatt’s music.

1. Sea Song (5:54) 2. A Last Straw (5:27) 3. Little Red Riding Hood Hit The Road (5:03) 4. Alifib (7:44) 5. Alifie (5:19) 6. Little Red Robin Hood Hit The Road (5:18) - Bonus Tracks : 7. The British Road (6:25) 8. Maryan (5:41) 9. Shipbuilding (4:47) 10. O Caroline (5:09)


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