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Endlich wieder ein neues Album der Briten. Die Überraschung ist groß denn das Album enthält nur einen Titel. Haben sich die Buben vermutlich vom Toxic Smile Album 'Farewell' abgekuckt.

'Seas of Change' consists of only one forty two minute track which incorporates many changes of tempo, mood and style and we think it also represents a kind of hybrid of the older, earlier traditional Galahad 'sound' mixed with the more modern heavier, 'techno' orientated sound of the last few albums. Hopefully, it'll include something to appeal to all Galahad fans and fans of 'Progressive' rock in general.


1. Seas of Change  (42:43) 2. Dust (Extended Edit) (5.57) 3. Smoke (Extended Edit)  (7.14)



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