MELANIE MAU & MARTIN SCHNELLA - Gray Matters Live In Concert

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Album von 2017

Neues von Martin & Melli. Diesmal Live mit vielen neuen Songs.


1. Digging In The Dirt (Peter Gabriel) 2. You're The Voice (John Farnham) 3. Conviction Of The Heart (Kenny Loggins) 4. Miracles Out Of Nowhere (Kansas) 5. Green Tinted Sixties Mind (Mr. Big) 6. The Storm (Flying Colors) 7. Message In A Bottle (The Police) 8. Africa (Toto) 9. Close To The Heart (Melanie Mau & Martin Schnella) 10. Curse My Name (Blind Guardian) 11. A Thousand Miles (Vanessa Carlton) 12. I Want You Back (Jackson 5) 13. A Touch Of Evil (Judas Priest) 14. Ain't Nobody (Chaka Khan) 15. Jolene (Dolly Parton)



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