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Studio Album, release in JULI 9 2021

Switzerland may not strike as a focal point for Progressive Rock music, but through the years a good number of swiss bands made themselves a name amongst connoisseurs. Bands like Cosmos, Clepsydra and not least METAMORPHOSIS from the french speaking part.

Founder and mastermind Jean-Pierre Schenk has been the only constant member in the 20 year history, that began with the debut « After All These Years » in 2002. Heavily influenced by the bombastic and symphonic, but rather mellow and harmonic Gilmour-lead later Pink Floyd, they released two more records in quick succession « Nobody Cares » (2003) and « Then All Was Silent » (2005), before taking longer breaks for the next two albums, « Dark » (2009) and « The Turning Point » (2016), changing to the more artrock sound of Porcupine Tree. ‘I realised how much music depends on private life’ Jean-Pierre remarks. ‘If things get tough, your music becomes harder, more complicated’.

For the newest release « I’m Not A Hero », first with PPR, Metamorphosis return to their roots. Not with as much reference to Pink Floyd as in the early works, but still full of beautiful harmonies, grandiose soundscapes and a laid back feel. Melodies, voice, Olivier Guenat’s guitar… goose bumps are guaranteed !


Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Dark World (7:37)
2. I'm Not A Hero (6:15)
3. Little Stars Desintegrate (7:24)
4. When Life Starts Again (3:39)
5. More Is Less (6:42)
6. I Will Leave Tonight (6:43)
7. Leftovers (7:00)
8. So Now What (4:15)
9. So Hard's The Road (6:52)


Line-up / Musicians

- Jean-Pierre Schenk (Vocals, Keyboards)
- Olivier Guenat ( Guitars, Bass)
- Alain Widmer (Drums)


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