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Studio Album, release in February 2021

Following on from their debut album „Blue“ and the critically-acclaimed second album „Masquerade“, Eyesberg now present their new concept album masterpiece CLAUSTROPHOBIA - the life and times of the artist Vincent van Gogh. The album charts the life of Van Gogh from a disturbed, unloved childhood and adolescence through to a troubled, angst-ridden adulthood, up to his resulting insanity and ultimate suicide.

The album once again features drummer Jimmy Keegan (Pattern Seeking Animals / ex-Spock’s Beard), who also produced and mixed it and, for the first time, the female backing vocals of Emma Edingloh. This is, without a doubt, Eyesberg's finest hour!


Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Claustrophobia (11:01)
2. Strange Boy (5:00)
3. Walking In Storms (9:35)
4. Salamander Tree (3:10)
5. Sacrifice (6:31)
6. We Want You Out! (3:43)
7. Into The Asylum (6:27)
8. Final Ride (3:21)

Line-up / Musicians

- Georg Alfter (Guitar / Bass Guitar)
- Norbert Podien (Keyboards and additional drum programming)
- Malcolm Shuttleworth (Lead and backing vocals)
- Jimmy Keegan (Drums and  percussion)
- Emma Edingloh (Backing vocals)




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