RICK MILLER - Belief In The Machine

RICK MILLER - Belief In The Machine

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Album von 2020 - Yes ! Einer meiner absoluten Favs aus Kanada nun bei PPR. 

Rick Miller: "This is my most recent album, in the genre of what I would call Progressive Rock. That term defining the type of music that was made famous throughout the 70's by bands such as Genesis, The Moody Blues and Pink Floyd."



1. Correct to the Core (11:35) 2. That Inward Eye (Part 1) (2:22) 3. Belief in the Machine (2:02) 4. The Land and The Sea (2:11) 5. The Need to Believe (5:39) 6. Prelude to the Trial (4:32) 7. Binary Breakdown (3:40) 8. That Inward Eye (Part 2) (3:28) 9. Media Gods (Including The Awakening) (4:22) 10. The Trial (9:55)



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