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Wow, selten ein so geiles Package zum Release angeboten bekommen. Der neue Sänger Raphael Gazal aus Brasillien setzt dem ganzen noch die Krone auf. Absolut bombastisch, was für eine Überraschung! Release Anfang Oktober - CD im Digipack mit 20 Seiten Booklet!

Crayon Phase tells the story behind this question on their new album „Two hundred pages“. It is the story of a man who wakes up every morning without knowing what happened the day before. He is not aware that he suffers from anterograde amnesia and tries to understand his situation which appears unexplainable to him. He finds himself being abused by a crime syndicate and gets involved in criminal activities over and over again, but with his diary he starts to find out - by going back in time - how he got into this desperate situation and can get out of it again …

Each song of this 75 minute concept album tells a different chapter of the story in a different period of his life.  The music reflects the spirit of each phase and takes you through the story with atmospheres changing from dark to epic, from catchy to deep, from mystic to aggressive, but still stays tight and cohesive as one piece of music.

Written, performed and produced by Crayon Phase this album introduces also Raphael Gazal on vocals whose strong voice supports the musical development of the band towards a more energetic progressive rock sound.

1. Prologue (03:14) 2. Two hundred pages (11:38) 3. Turn of fortune (09:48) 4. Procession / Empty grave (10:00) 5. Paralyzed (09:23) 6. The music box (08:43) 7. Retrospective (12:20) 8. Salvation (08:52) 9. 201 (01:10)



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