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ELORA - Crash
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Studio Album, released in 2013

Fantastischer New Art Rock aus Frankreich. PPR haben die Jungs und das Mädel sofort begeistert.

Elora was born in 2004. She is the daughter of Jean-Vincent Fillipini. Another Elora was born in the same year: The band! Consisting of Jean-Vincent (bass), Lionel Giacobbé 8guitar) and Damian Dahan (voice). Patrice Cannone (keyboards), Julien Beaumont (drums) and Anastasia Moussali (voice) complete the outfit from Marseille, France. Little Elora inspired the creation and the imagination of the band. A progressive rock band with several influences, ranging from the 70’s like Genesis, Pink Floyd and Magma, to modern acts like Porcupine Tree, Lazuli or Riverside. They are modeling influences like parents do with their child. Their rock is strong and melodic, deep and melancholic.

In the beginning Elora did many local shows around Marseille to earn money for an album release. The result was a 4 track self released EP in 2010 and an invitation to the Prog Sud festival.2013 is the year to become more public. With the debut under their belt, invitations to four renowned european Prog festivals are confirmed. Prog Sud and Crescendo in France; Veruno Prog in Italy and the Progressive Promotion Festival in Germany, the home of their record label. The band are French and sing in French. Something new to PPR, but very exciting and probably not the last of that kind.


Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Se Taire (4:13)
2. Elle Espere (3:54)
3. Annee Lumiere (5:15)
4. Ici Encore (6:08)
5. L'Espoir Part 1 (5:38)
6. L'Espoir Part 2 (6:57)
7. Controle (5:44)
8. En Paix (6:21)
9. Elle (4:56)
10. Crash (8:45)

Line-up / Musicians

- Lionel Giacobbe / guitar
- Damien Dahan / vocals
- Anastasia Moussali / vocals
- Sebastien Vignard / drums
- Jean Vincent Filipinni / bass
- Patrice Cannone / keyboards



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