UNITOPIA - Covered Mirror Vol.1

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Fantastische Cover Versionen meiner Lieblingsband aus Australien.


1. Signs Of Life - Prelude (unreleased) 2. Calling Occupants (Klaatu) 3. Easter (Marillion) 4. Man Of Colours (Icehouse) 5. Genesis Medley (Genesis - The Silent Sun - Suppers Ready - Selling England By The Pound - Lamb Lies Down On Broadway - Carpet Crawlers) 6. Rain Song (Led Zeppelin) 7. Even In The Quietest Moments (Supertramp) 8. Everybody?s Got To Learn Sometime (Korgies) 9. Yes Medley (Yes - You And I - Awaken - Close To The Edge - Soon - Onward - South Side Of The Sky - Owner Of A Lonely Heart) 10. Can We Still Be Friends (Todd Rundgren) 11. Speaking The Truth - Interlude (unreleased) 12. To One In Paradise (The Alan Parsons Project) 13. The Way The Waters Moving (The Flower Kings) 14. Real Love (John Lennon - Bonus Track)



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