METUS - Black Butterflies

METUS - Black Butterflies

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Album von 2017 - Since 2006, Metus (true name Marek Juza) has been found as one of the most dark-melancholic, underground artists, painting emotional spaces with his deep & extremely low pitched voice. A unique, aethereal compositions are melodic and gloomy. The profound lyrics are the very basis of his art leading through the worlds of dreams and philosophy. Metus is an 8 member band at the moment.

1. I'm Adrift (5:33) 2. Into Dreamland (6:19) 3. Where Black Butterflies Live (4:18) 4. ...and Time Goes On (3:56) 5. I Close My Eyes (5:16) 6. Wake Up in the Land Where Shadows do Not Reach (5:07) 7. The Sky's So Inky Black There (4:39) 8. ...and in that Very Vastness of Oblivion (3:40) 9. I'm the Rover (4:12)


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