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AISLES - The Yearning
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Studio Album, released in 2005

Founded in Santiago, the year 2001, AISLES represents the new generation of chilean prog. Provided of a style eminently neo symphonic, the band delivers a style of classic roots and influenced by the british school (groups like GENESIS, YES, PINK FLOYD and MARILLION). The AISLES sonorous landscapes are dominated by a melancholic and emotive air, where the melody and long instrumental developments cover all the near path of neo prog; you can hear nice melodies, not only that boring constant soloing we heard from almost all the bands nowadays. This band, because it's in the frontier of classic and neo prog, is recommended to all fans of the two mentioned genres. Really the chilean prog scene is getting bigger every year!!


Songs / Tracks Listing

1. The Wharf That Holds His Vessel (11:21)
2. Uncertain Lights (4:05)
3. Clouds Motion (7:07)
4. The Rise Of White Sun (4:57)
5. The Shrill Voice (4:59)
6. The Scarce Light Birth (7:34)
7. Grey (16:37)
i. The Yearning
ii. Unit Land
iii. Path Of Gleams

Line-up / Musicians

- Sebastian Vergara / lead & backing vocals, flute
- German Vergara / electric & acoustic guitars, bass guitars, backing vocals
- Luis Vergara / piano,keyboards
- Alejandro Melendez / keyboards, piano, drum programming
- Rodrigo Sepulveda / electric & acoustic guitars, bass guitars, backing vocals, drum programming 



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