FRACTAL MIRROR - Close to Vapour

FRACTAL MIRROR - Close to Vapour

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Studio Album, released in 2018

This is the fourth album from the Dutch group, where core members Leo Koperdraat and Frank L Urbaniak are joined once again by Brett Kull (of Echolyn, and producer for label-mates Valdez) and founder member Ed van Haagen guesting. 'Close To Vapour' is quite a pastoral album in many ways, delicate like a summer breeze, and when I play this I envisage a meadow of grass and wild flowers, with trees on the boundary. I can't explain it, but for some reason that vision comes through incredibly clearly whenever I play this.

If an album ever deserves the title "English" then it is this, with acoustic guitars, flute, and a feeling that the guys have been listening way too much to albums by The Kinks. Is it a late Sixties release, or from the early Seventies? There is just enough psych and early Floyd influences to point to the former and one glorious number after another, with just one song stretching over seven minutes in length. Brett Kull has allowed himself to be brought into the fold as one can also hear similarities with the mighty Echolyn. This is fresh, fun, and absolute delight.


Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Mind the Gap
2. Book
3. Beyond the Pale
4. White Sounds
5. Silver
6. Close to Vapour
7. Snow
8. Hey You
9. Tabula Rasa
10. The Ever Rain

Line-up / Musicians

- Leo Koperdraat / voice, guitars, Mellotron, keyboards. recorder
- Frank Urbaniak / drums, percussion, lyrics

- Brett Kull / guitars, keyboards, bass, percussion, vocals
- Ed van Haagen / keyboards (3,10)
- Tom Doncourt / composition and keys (7)



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