SEMISTEREO - Trans Earth Injection

SEMISTEREO - Trans Earth Injection

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Album von 2017

Trans Earth Injection is the band's third full length album. Semistereo serves its Alternative rock with a pinch of both Postrock and Progrock. At times, Trans Earth Injection is erratic and unpredictable. In the media Semistereo is compared to Oceansize, Karnivool, Deftones and A Perfect Circle.


Songs / Tracks Listing

1. A New Tomorrow
2. The Search
3. Loneliness at the Door
4. €35 Special
5. The Storm Behind your Eyes
6. Your Drama
7. Sin


Line-up / Musicians

- Paul Glandorf (Alarion) /lead vocals
- Martijn Weyburg (A Day’s Work) / guitar and vocals
- Frank Weijers / guitar
- Mickeal Schuurman / bass
- Marcel van de Graaf / drums



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