TUMBLETOWN - Done with the Coldness

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Brand new album by guitarist, producer Aldo Adema (Seven Day Hunt, Egdon Heath, Silhouette) and singer-songwriter Han Uil (Seven Day Hunt, solo work). The album includes guest performances by Erik Laan (Silhouette), Marcel Copini (Seven Day Hunt, Egdon Heath) and Carola Magermans (Seven Day Hunt). This album is a must for everybody who loves a cross between neo-prog and AOR. twofold CD digipak


1. The End Of Hyde 2. Won`t Look Back 3. One Goal 4. Free Men 5. I Can Feel You 6. Finding A Way Out 7. All In The Game 8. Sailing Along With The Breeze 9. One-Liners 10 Loyal Tears 11. Haduwig


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