OFFWORLD - Some Circles Are Square

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Album von 2016 - Projekt von Tom Tas, Gitarrist von Quantum Fantay. Mit Pieter Van Den Broeck und Gino Bartolini hat er sich gleich 2 weitere Kollegen an Bord geholt. Offworld’s debut concept album ‘Some Circles Are Square’ is a roaring, soaring, never-boring, infuriating, wild and often whacky smorgasbord of a record – equal parts Prog, Psychedelic, Rock, Metal, Funk, Lounge, Shred, and a number of other styles that have yet to be coined with a term. Sometimes weird, often crazy, yet always compelling and dosed with fiery passion and high levels of musicianship, Offworld takes the listener on a trip through Space Opera’s most bizarre and dangerous reaches.

Track listing: 

1. Swamps of SFD: Out / Temploid, 2. Alien Vocal Chord Trauma, 3. Shaman’s Garden,  4. Terminal,  5. Killing Voices in H.E.A.D.,  6. Planetary Displacement (No Siesta),  7. Spices of the Desert, 8. Scattered Minds Freak Alike,  9. Power Supply, 10. Some Circles Are Square,  11. Arabesque, 12. Tidepools / Swamps of SFD: In


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