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Rerelease of the 1995 debut album by legendary neo-progressive band Cliffhanger. At the time they were one of the most popular bands from NL in the scene. The music is highly melodic and goes back to the sound of the symphonic rock bands from the seventies like Genesis, Yes and Camel. The original album is completely remastered and in total 13 previously unreleased tracks are added.


CD1: 1. Views, 2. Kill Your Darlings, 3. Four Vessels, 4. Six Minutes Closer To Death, 5. Colossus, 6. Remaining Rancour, 7. Bad Dreams [cruel visions], 8. Feels Like Flying, 9. Sinister Memories.

CD2: 1. Oh Cloudy Cloudy Sky, 2. Here Comes The Utopian, 3. Truce, 4. Kill Your Darlings, 5. Good Things [last forever], 6. Escape, 7. Hope And Despair, 8. Colossus, 9. Rainforest, 10. Four Vessels, 11. Hopeless



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