LEE ABRAHAM - Comatose

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Album von 2019 - Brandneues Album des Galahad Gitarristen.

Inspired by his return to Galahad in 2017 and his subsequent contributions to the band’s single-song concept album “Seas Of Change”, Lee has written and produced his own single-song concept album. Clocking in at around 47 minutes Comatose tells the story of a car crash victim who experiences flash backs while medical staff try to save his life. A deep and complex work that takes in a number of musical styles but all the while retaining the overall progressive rock sound.

Tracklist: 1. Comatose (46:58) - i. Numb Pt 1 (11:18) / ii. Realisation (3:55) / iii. Twisted Metal (3:29) / iv. Ascend The Sky (5:15) / v. The Sun (4:48) / vi. Numb Pt 2 (4:28) / vii. No Going Back (6:19) / viii. Awaken? (7:24)


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