COSMOGRAF - The Man Left In Space

COSMOGRAF - The Man Left In Space

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‘The Man Left in Space’ is a concept album exploring the themes of aspiration, achievement, and the failures that our quest sometimes brings. The story is played out against the analogous theme of a doomed space mission, launched in a bid to save mankind. The story provides a metaphor for the perils of success, such as boredom, isolation, unhappiness and ultimately failure… The 9 track progressive rock album draws on many past and contemporary influences in music, and takes a journey into the unknown to feed the imagination, and appetite of the listener of intelligent music. It features a number of special guests from the progressive rock community including Nick D’Virgilio (Spock’s Beard/Big Big Train ), Dave Meros (Spock’s Beard), Matt Stevens, Greg Spawton (Big Big Train), Simon Rogers, Steve Dunn (Also Eden), Lee Abraham ( The Lee Abraham Band ), Luke Machin ( The Tangent/Maschine ) and Dave Ware.


1. How Did I Get Here ? (2:06) 2. Aspire, Achieve (10:15) 3. The Good Earth Behind Me (4:18) 4. The Vacuum That I Fly Through (5:00) 5. This Naked Endeavour (4:42) 6. We Disconnect (5:45) 7. Beautiful Treadmill (5:03) 8. The Man Left In Space (9:58) 9. When The Air Runs Out (9:35)



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