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Studio Album, released in 2023

Complete re-working of the 2nd Cyan album "Pictures from the Other Side" (1994).
Songs have been re-written, extended and completely re-imagined, with the new line-up.

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Broken Man (11:07)
2. Pictures from the Other Side (8:33)
3. Solitary Angel (5:47)
4. Follow the Flow (3:40)
5. Tomorrow's Here Today (9:48)
6. Nosferatu (17:45)

DVD consists of:
Full album in Dolby Digital and dts 5.1 surround
Promo videos
The Quiet Room session (live acoustic performance)
1- I Defy The Sun
2- Don’t Turn Away
3- Call Me
4- Man Amongst Men/The Sorceror
5- Snowbound
6- For King And Country

Line-up / Musicians

- Robert Reed / keyboards, backing vocals
- Luke Machin / guitars
- Peter Jones / lead vocals, saxophone, whistles
- Angharad Brinn / vocals
- Dan Nelson / bass


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