TIGER MOTH TALES - The Whispering Suite

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Studio Album, released in 2023

This contains complete re-workings of two tracks from the Whispering album and a brand new track written during the Whispering sessions.
The star of this disc is the 15 minute ‘Whispering Suite’, a rather atmospheric and mysterious new version of ‘The Whispering of The World’.
It also features live versions of other Whispering tracks recorded as a recent concert in Munchwald, Germany.

Track Listing

1 A Town by the Sea (Marengo Mix)
2 Spring Fever (Live in Munchwald)
3 Taking the Dawn (Live in Munchwald)
4 Sweeter than Wine (Live in Munchwald)
5 House of Yesterdays
6 Waving, Drowning (Live in Munchwald)
7 Lost to the Years (Live in Munchwald)
8 Kimberley (Live in Munchwald)
9 The Whispering Suite

Line-up / Musicians

- Peter Jones / vocals, guitar, keyboards
- Andy Wilson / guitar
- Mick Wilson / bass, vocals
- Paul Comerie / drums



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