CHIMPAN A - The Empathy Machine CD + DVD

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Studio Album, released in 2020 - VERFÜGBAR AB 08.05
Side procect from Rob Reed (Magenta) and Steve Balsamo - In these troubled times there is no better musician to turn to to lift your spirits than Mr Reed, 14 years in the making this electronica prog pop album has a classy selection of tunes that will brighten the darkest days. The collaboration with Jesus Christ legendry vocalist Steve Balsamo and a wonderful female cast headed by his fellow Magenta sidekick Tina Booth is five star stuff and was selected by none other than Jerry Ewing of Prog magazine as his album of the month so get the beers out and let your hair down!


Songs / Tracks Listing

1. The World Through My eyes 07:04
2. It's So Real 08:07
3. Stars 10:03
4. Speed Of Love 08:00
5. Scream 07:53
6. The Calling 08:28
7. Jack 09:58 

DVD (5.1 Surround mixes and promo videos)


Line-up / Musicians

- Steve Balsamo (Jon Lord, Eric Woolfson) / Vocals, throat singing
- Robert Reed (Magenta, Cyan, Kompendium) / Keyboards, drum programming, guitars, bass

- Christina Booth (Magenta) / vocals
- Tony Dallas / spoken word
- Rosalie Deighton / vocals
- Kirstie Roberts / vocals
- Shan Cothi / soprano vocal
- Rachel Mari Kimba / cello



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