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Album von 2017 - Neues Projekt von Matt Sweitzer (Canvas) und Greg Lounsberry (October Tree)

Along with alot of the Canvas Productions players who have appeared on Canvas and October Tree albums. We are a blend of Proggy rock, and try to sound unique while still capturing that vibe that was so cool in the 70's.

Tracklist: 1. Time Slip (3:36) 2. Modern Town (5:09) 3. Four Fingers (6:47) 4. One Track Mind (4:03) 5. The World That Lies Beyond The Dream (4:13) 6. The Jewelled Eye (3:41) 7. Atmosphere (5:45) 8. Stranger World (4:33) 9. Troposphere (4:35) 10. Lighter Than Air (8:21)

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