STARSABOUT - Longing For Home & Halflights BUNDLE

STARSABOUT - Longing For Home & Halflights BUNDLE

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Fantastic art rock band from Poland with progressive and post-rock influences. Their unique sound is a combination of the dreamy yet haunting vocals and nostalgic, emotional guitar melodies. A must-have record for fans of Anathema, Airbag, Riverside. Highly recommended!

CD1: Longing For Home (2017) Digipack

Tracklist: 1. Blue Caress 2. Longing For Home 3. Cry Me No Tears 4. Hourglass 5. Stay 6. I Will Never 7. Thief 8. Million Light Years

CD2: Halflights (Rerelease April 2018) Cardboard Sleeve

Tracklist: 1. Halflight 2. Every Single Minute 3. The Night 4. Black Rain Love 5. Escaped 6. Sway 7. 20 000 Miles 8. Bluebird

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