APOGEE - The Blessing And The Curse

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Studio Album, released in 2021

„The Blessing and the Curse“ has become a rather non-compromizing Prog Album, with 5 Longtracks, all in the range between 12 – 16 minutes playingtime and stylistically close to the classic Progressive Rock of the early seventies (comparable to the records of e.g. Yes, Genesis, Gentle Giant, ELP, UK, Pink Floyd of this period). All Songs are rather complex structurally and regarding the harmonic material used, while besides the Apogee-typical orchestrations also many atmospheric elements are contained. This is music for fans of long bows of tension and musical developments, which still offer real surprises. As always I tried to avoid musical „mainstream“ , on the permanent search for unusual elements, harmonies, melodies and rhythmic  accentuation. Also production wise I orientate myself towards the transparent sound and instrumentation of the classic Prog albums, in which each Instrument can be clearly located in the mix. Like on the latest Apogee CDs Ebi Graef played the drums any I played all other instruments and sang.”


Songs / Tracks Listing

1.  Out of Control 5:09
2.  Congealing Ground  13:39
3.  Hard to see 12:24
4.  The Blessing and the Curse 16:03
5.  The inspiring Tune 15:23


Lineup / Musicians

- Arne Schäfer: Lead and backing vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, keyboards, bass, orchestrations
- Eberhard Graef: Drums and Percussion




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