JPL - Sapiens Chapitre 1 / 3 : Exordium

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Album von 2020 - NEMO Mastermind JPL erneut in Höchstform - For 15 years, Jean Pierre Louveton was the guitarist, singer and main composer of the well-known French group of Progressive Rock NEMO. Since the group was put to sleep in 2015, he continues the adventure under his name (JPL) and offers in 2020 the album "Sapiens - Chapter 1/3: Exordium", the first part of a triptych dedicated to history of man. After “MMIV” in 2014 and “Le livre blanc” in 2017, eclectic albums that delighted fans of Nemo, but also beyond Progressive fans, this time JPL presents a resolutely daring and and progressive conceptual album, anchored in the tradition of cult bands of the musical genre.

Tracklist: 1. Mastodontes 5:46 2. Homo sapiens 6:09 3. Ecce homo 5:01 4. A condition 6:14 5. Le chaud et le froid 9:41 6. 6. Planète A 5:39 7. Alpha Centauri 7:57



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