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EYESBERG are a band of the late seventies/early eighties. At that time, the five musicians Georg Alfter, Michael Buchner, Thomas Klarmann (now of ARGOS and SUPERDRAMA), Norbert Podien and Malcolm Shuttleworth got together to make music influenced by the melodic progressive/art rock bands of the 70s. All the compositions, that date back to that time, have now been taken up again over 30 years later. 


1. Child’s Play 4:35 2. Epitaph 5:20 3. Closed Until The Resurrection 6:35 4. Winter Gone 5:08 5. Inqusitive 3:32 6. Feed Yourself 8:20 7. 4-2-F 1:25 8. Faces On My Wall 5:20 9. Porcelain 3:33 10. If I Told You The Truth 5:52 11. SII 3:10 12. Detachment And Replacement 5:28



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