ELOY FRITSCH - Behind The Walls Of Imagination - Ltd. Edition

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Studio Album, released in 1997/ 2021 - Limited Edition 200

Lange ausverkauft und nun bald wieder erhältlich.

During the 1983 Fritsch formed progressive rock band Apocalypse. They are considered pivotal in the development of progressive rock in south of Brazil. Eloy Fritsch is the main composer of the APOCALYPSE.

Armed with various keyboards, such as his beloved Korg synth, and his knowledge on computers, Fritsch delivers fascinating, cinematic Electronic Music along the lines of VANGELIS and JEAN MICHELLE JARRE, which however has a strong Prog background.Half about of the album is dedicated to cosmic, electronic sequences, supported by soaring synthesizers and pounding drums, that eventually create a pompous, grandiose atmosphere with strong symphonic and Classical vibes.Melodies are hard to come, but on the other hand Fritsch'es ability to produce dreamy and imaginery soundscapes is monumental.The rest of the album is somewhat divided in New Age soundfields and more symphonic-oriented, proggy textures.The New Age compositions of Fritsch are decent with a warm and impressive atmosphere, although very relaxed, while the sampled instruments sound quite childish at moments.The rest of the tracks are surprisingly very close to his work with APOCALYPSE, keyboard-based Neo/Symphonic Rock with fancy, sharp synthesizers and good drum parts, finally some nice, emotional, melodic passages do appear among the material in these both excellent and grandiose arrangements.

I am aware of very few composers, who have the ability to travel through such kind of different styles, supported only by their keyboards.Eloy Fritsch is definitely one of them and this album is a pure delight for all fans of keyboard-driven Progressive/Electronic Music. Warmly recommended !


Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Overture (1:30)
2. Flying Over The Rainbow (4:17)
3. Eternity (7:46)
4. Quasar (4:03)
5. The Journey Starts Now (5:53)
6. Behind The Walls Of Imagination (8:34)
7. Cosmic Winds (4:03)
8. Floating Free Between Stars (6:12)
9. Tropical Birds (3:07)
10. Triumph Hymm (3:39)
11. The Last Frontier (2:24)
12. Centaur (4:25)
13. The Fortress Of Solitude (3:16)


14. Tba.

Line-up / Musicians

- Eloy Fritsch / composer, producer, performer (keyboards, synths, computers, electronic percussion, sounds)

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