FLAMING ROW - Elinoire

FLAMING ROW - Elinoire

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Unglaubliches Debütalbum von 2011


1. Elinoire's Theme 2. Initiation Fugato 3. Overture 4. First Day 5. Nightingales Chirp 6. Do You Like Country Grandpa ? 7. Lea's Delivery 8. Elinoire 9. Rage Of Despair 10. Adam's Theme 11. Neglected Garden 12. Time Mirror 13. Watershed 14. Review 15. Unearth The Truth 16. Father's Theme 17. Farewell 18. A Place To review Your Soul (I. Confession II. A Broken Man III. Flaming Row IV. On The Run V. A World Of Make Believe)



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